About the Dietitian

My name is Jennie and I am a runner.

I wasn't always a runner, even now I consider myself still a newbie. I grew up playing hockey, skating, and soccer, and to be honest I never really thought about running.

In my first year of University I had to give up my first love, figure skating, as coaching and skates had become way too expensive. On a whim,I thought: "what about running?" Its relatively cheap and I had shoes. And so, my love of running came to be.  With my love of running came this new interest in food. I paid more attention to how I ate and fueled my body to perform the best that it could. I started cooking more, reading labels, and I eventually switched out of my arts degree into a science based food and nutrition degree. Essentially I have my love of running to thank for my love of nutrition.

I joined the PEI Road Runners Club in 2012. One year later I did my first marathon at the Blue Nose in Halifax and qualified for Boston Marathon. There was no turning back! I fell in love with running but I also fell in love with runners. If you want to meet a group of the most supportive, thoughtful, and encouraging people then join a running club.

Two years ago I moved to Halifax and this year, I joined The Halifax Road Hammers where coach Erin also trains. I remember thinking before practice that there was no way I would keep up with any of these speedy runners, but to my surprise I held on in the back. I have seen so many improvements in my running. A PB of 3:23 in the marathon, allowing me to go back to Boston and a 1:32 half marathon. Again I have found the most supportive, encouraging and best people to work hard and train with.

I am a Registered Dietitian and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you, and helping you reach your performance and running goals by taking a closer look at the fuel that powers your mighty running machine

Love Training More
Love Training More
Love Training More