Am I too slow for a coach?

Absolutely not. Every runner can benefit from a coach and the guidance they can provide in individualizing training based on your needs, background, talent and goals. No matter what your pace is or where you finish in the pack, a coach can help you meet your best potential.

Who will be my running coach?

Together, Erin, Linda and Janet will look at you as a runner: your goals, your background, your race distance and anything else that you are bringing to the table.  Our coaching team will then make the best choice they can about which coach will fit best with you.  Janet has a strong background in track and shorter road racing distances and focuses on 5km, 10km. Janet's biggest passion is beginner runners. Linda specialized more in half and full marathon runners.  Erin has more of a background in half and full marathons.

What kind of runners do you coach most often?

We have a wide range of athletes at Love Training More: everyone from absolute beginners who are starting with a walk:run program, all the way up to Boston Qualifiers. Most of our runners are looking to take the next step in their running and training journey- be it a step off the couch or the next step up after training alone without a structured program or with a generic program.  Whether you are a beginner or runner chasing down age-group placing, we can work with you individually to: fit your training into your life; help you meet your goals; and help you love training more.

Do you coach men?

Sure!  We have a mix of both male and female runners on our coaching roster.  On a personal level, Erin and Linda often train with more men than women as the male:female split in their training club is likely 3:1.

It’s a monthly fee, can I cancel at any time?

Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time. We bill one month at a time and aren’t able to offer refunds for months already billed but you will not be billed for further monthly subscription. All you need to do is email us.

Why do you bill monthly instead of per race or training cycle?

Billing is done this way for a few reasons. The length of a training cycle is variable and depends on the runner. A runner may run more than one race in a season. Life can also get in the way of a runner’s laid out training plan. We want to best support you individually over the best time period for your individual race goals, balanced with your life and needs. Billing monthly helps us accomplish this.

Can I change plans after I sign up?

Absolutely. You can change between any of the three options. Just let us know via email and we will make the change.

What do I get each week?

If you are Personal Best subscriber, you will receive detailed and individualized training instructions each week: how long to run for your long run and at what pace. What workout to do including interval, pace and rest period. How long to run for easy runs. What your weekly mileage goals should be. You will be invited to submit your training log to us at the end of the each week and we will provide feedback, track your progress and encourage you as you reach for your goals.

How do I know if you will be a good fit?

The fit between coach and runner is an important one. You can reach out to us via email and gauge who we are before committing. We are well connected within our local running community and if we feel like another local coach will better suit your needs, we will let you know.

How will you get to know me?

You will fill out a new runner questionnaire for us so that we can begin to get to know you. If you are a Personal Best or Podium Package subscriber,  we really encourage you to take full advantage of your communication with your coach so that we can continue to get to know you and best support you.