The Well-Fueled PB Package – Enhanced Individual Run and Nutrition Coaching

$150.00 CAD / month

For $150 a month, we will provide run coaching and nutrition counseling.  Our running coahes will provide you with a personalized training program. Jennie will provide personalized nutritional assessment and individual meal planning based on the month’s training in order to best help you meet your goals. The Well-Fueled PB package provides you communication via email more than five times weekly plus a weekly telephone or video call.

Package includes:

  • Detailed workout instructions delivered online weekly.
  • Weekly run coaching support via email for encouragement, questions and concerns.
  • Weekly coaching review of your running log to track your progress and adjust for success.
  • Unlimited email communication with your coach plus one weekly phone or video call
  • Guidance on how to adjust your training when life throws obstacles at you.
  • Race day strategy.
  • Nutrition assessment including nutrient analysis for macronutrient and micronutrient composition by Registered Dietitian Jennie Orr
  • A monthly meal plan based on both individual needs and the training for the month (i.e. meal planning for both peak and maintenance phase), developed by Jennie
  • Weekly email communication from Jennie including meal and recipe suggestions
  • Clear instructions on proper carbohydrate loading for your goal race
  • Private access to a supportive social media community of other #Lovetrainingmore athletes just like you.

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